best_fish_and_chips_in_rehobothFish and chips is a real British tradition, and something which is taken very seriously. There are annual competitions to find the best outlets for this delicious meal in the UK. One of the easiest ways for chippies to differentiate themselves from the competition is to vary the type of batter they use. Some chippies prefer to coat their fish in a very thick batter to protects the fish from the hot oil and keep it moist and tasty. Others prefer to use a very light batter, almost like a tempura, to cook their fish.

We love our beer batter! In England some of the more upmarket chippies have even adopted it to use in their batter recipes. The downside to using beer to prepare batter is that it is obviously more expensive than using water, either still or carbonated. But it’s worth the taste! Beer works much in the same way as carbonated water in that the bubbles in the beer add a lightness and crispness to the finished product. Different beers can be used, and a darker beer will give more flavor and color to the finished product. Because the fish is fried at such a high temperature, the alcohol will be burned off during the cooking process.