Sticky. Toffee. Pudding. Just those three words on their own are enough to make most English people’s mouths water. Many British chefs claim to have invented the iconic dessert, but most sources credit a hotel in the Lake District in 1960.

We’re proud to say that here in the First State, we’ve got the top billing on this pudding. So why do we all love it so much?

It’s comforting. Sticky toffee pudding harks back to the more traditional sorts of English puddings, such as “jam roly poly.” Consider it a taste of yesteryear. Sticky toffee pudding is served hot, and on a cold day, it’s the perfect after, as we say in England, to a meal.

It’s stodgy, gooey and sinfully good. Enjoy it with cream, custard or ice cream – or on its own. The combination of flavors and textures with the warm sauce and cream are heavenly and amazingly good in the raw with just the toffee sauce covering it.

It’s original. No matter the recipe, sticky toffee pudding tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before. In some places, fruit is added to the mixture; traditionally dates are used, but prunes are an alternative. Some cooks make little individual puddings; others prefer one larger pudding to divide among guests.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect dessert for a small dinner gathering or an office party, you’ll make a huge hit with our takeout pudding. We offer pan sizes of the pudding that start at six servings for $26 and 12 servings for $50.