Tandoori_chicken_RehobothBritish cooking used to mean tasteless food. Yet this has never been accurate. Despite its soggy climate, Britain has long been an attractive destination for warriors, traders and immigrants alike – and all of them have brought their food traditions with them. British cuisine is the richer for it, whether it was the versatility of salt cod and haddock from the North Sea, or the tantalizing, fragrant blends of spices from the east.

In recent years, it’s become apparent that fish and chip shop menus have been influenced by flavors from Asia. In some parts of the UK, it’s not unusual to find flat, fried cakes of grated onion known as bhajis, and samosas alongside the fish cakes and cod in traditional beer batter. Frequently, there’s also a range of delicious chicken dishes. Many shops also feature traditional spices and flavorings, including cardamom, ginger, cumin, coriander, paprika and turmeric. Other exquisite Asian flavors include coconut, lemon and sweet chili, depending on the region. To cool the palate after all those luscious spices, you’ll often find the dish includes a combination of cucumber, mint and yogurt, usually in the form of a dip.

At go fish!, where we have several Indian-influenced dishes, the tandoori chicken tacos are a favorite. They’re made using chicken breasts marinated in tandoori spices, wrapped with coleslaw, tomato and lettuce, and are served with a side of garlic-mint yogurt. We also have tandoori chicken skewers.