36The traditional British version of fish and chips has changed over the years as the recipe traveled from country to country. Here are some varieties:

UK Version

The fish and chips served in the United Kingdom typically include breaded cod or haddock with large chips. Salt and vinegar is sprinkled over them both before being served. The vinegar is usually malt vinegar or onion vinegar and the dish is served with mushy peas. Other fish such as pollock, plaice, coley, plaice or skate are sometimes substituted for the cod.

Ireland, Wales & Northern England Version

In Ireland, Wales and Northern England, cod, whiting or plaice are the most commonly used fish and the chips are often replaced with potato cakes or scallop potatoes. The side dishes often include either a side sauce of curry sauce, mushy peas or gravy and the sauces are often poured over the chips.

Australia & New Zealand

In Australia, the fish is typically rock cod, reef cod, flake or barramundi. New Zealand originally served snapper, however, the snapper has been replaced with shark, hoki, blue fin gurnard or tarakihi. In both Australia and New Zealand, the chips are deep fried potato wedges, similar to those found in Britain, but slightly smaller in width. Chicken salt or seasoned salt is usually sprinkled over the fish before serving with tomato sauce or tartar sauce for dipping the fish. Malt vinegar is made available for those who prefer tradition.

United States

In the United States and Canada, the type of fish used depends on the region and availability; however, the most common types are halibut, cod, flounder, tilapia, Atlantic cod or haddock. On the West Coast of the US, salmon is the most common and in the Southeast of the US, freshwater catfish is the most common. In Canada the fish and chips is typically served with the traditional vinegar and salt, but there is a lemon and tartar sauce included. The United States serves fish and chips with ketchup, tartar sauce and/or malt vinegar. Both the United States and Canada serve coleslaw as the side dish.

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