fishfryThere’s nothing nicer than a fish supper any day of the week, although traditionally fish and chips are the “dish of the day” on Fridays. But just where did this tradition start? There are many theories to choose from.

Friday is named after the Old Norse God Freya, whose symbol was a fish. The early Christians also took the fish as their symbol, often scratched into bricks or the dirt to let fellow worshipers know where to meet in safety and secrecy when practicing their faith openly was highly risky.

Another theory suggests that fisherman often brought their catch into port on Fridays, meaning fish was at its very best that day.

In the Middle Ages, meat remained an expensive luxury for most ordinary folk, reserved for feast days or special occasions like weddings. More recently, when many people worked in manual jobs and were paid weekly, usually on a Friday, fish and chips were an affordable weekly treat.

With modern knowledge of nutrition, we now know fish is a much healthier source of protein than most red meat. Fish is low in fat, high in nutrients.If fish isn’t your dish of choice, try crab cakes, fried shrimp or fried oysters – all just as good with crispy, golden chips.

Whatever the reason, on any Friday, come out to go fish! or go brit! for your $5 Fish Sandwich (through late May) or a traditional Beer Battered Fish and Chips meal.