Fish and chips have been a delectable delight around the world for generations.

The traditional British version of fish and chips has changed over the years as the recipe traveled from country to country. Here are some varieties: UK Version The fish and chips served in the United Kingdom typically include breaded cod or haddock with large chips. Salt and vinegar is sprinkled over them both before being [...]

Sticky toffee pudding’s massive appeal revealed

Sticky. Toffee. Pudding. Just those three words on their own are enough to make most English people's mouths water. Many British chefs claim to have invented the iconic dessert, but most sources credit a hotel in the Lake District in 1960. We're proud to say that here in the First State, we've got the top billing [...]

You call them potatoes, we call them…chips

Size does matter when it comes to spuds, but that is not the only difference between British chips and American fries The size and depth of potato slices are so important to us at go fish! that we diligently cut chips to the exact size every time.  As you know, Brits call "chips" what Americans [...]