t300-DSCF0168There’s nothing quite like food in season. At this time of year, winter root vegetables are at their best. Full of carbohydrate to get us safely through to spring, they’re comforting, versatile and filling. Best of all has to be the humble yet versatile potato, especially when it’s chipped fresh, fried to a crispy golden brown and accompanied by a succulent serving of delicious fish at go fish!

So just what is the secret of the perfect chip?

As with so many recipes, it all starts with the right ingredients — and for go fish! it starts with fresh potatoes. The best chips are thick-cut, at least half an inch across. Not only do they taste better, they also absorb less fat overall than the skinny french fry type, so you can indulge more easily.

Of course, the perfect chip isn’t about the potato itself: it’s also about how you cook it. Traditionally, beef dripping or other animal fats were used. These days, palm oil is often used, or one of the excellent vegetable oils available. One of the best vegetable oils to use is sunflower oil, heated to 130C. The sneaky secret to perfect chips is to cook them not once, but twice. They’re washed and dried well, then deep fried at 130C for around 4-8 minutes until soft but still pale. After this, ideally, they’re allowed to sit for around ten minutes, before being finished off in hotter oil (175C, no more). Ideally, the basket should be around half full – any more and the chips won’t have space to cook to their absolute best.

Chips should also have their own basket, to produce that crispy, crunchy taste and texture experience that goes so well with fish, sausages, fishcakes, and, well, just about anything savory on the go fish! menu.