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Indulge in a classic three-course meal

In the Middle Ages it wasn’t unknown to have as many as twenty courses at a formal meal, and even today, in very formal settings, ten courses or more are sometimes served. In our busy lives, it’s quite a luxury to be able to take the time to enjoy three courses. Make the time and [...]

Enjoy a Friday Fryday tradition that dates back generations

There's nothing nicer than a fish supper any day of the week, although traditionally fish and chips are the "dish of the day" on Fridays. But just where did this tradition start? There are many theories to choose from. Friday is named after the Old Norse God Freya, whose symbol was a fish. The early [...]

The trick to a perfect batter: good beer!

Fish and chips is a real British tradition, and something which is taken very seriously. There are annual competitions to find the best outlets for this delicious meal in the UK. One of the easiest ways for chippies to differentiate themselves from the competition is to vary the type of batter they use. Some chippies [...]

Fish and chips considered a healthy option

Fish and chips may not instantly spring to mind when you think of healthy food. If, however, you want to indulge yourself, from a nutritional point of view this dish makes a surprising amount of sense. Fish remains one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods you can eat. Without the batter, fish is low [...]

The little sister of go fish! celebrates

The little darling of British fish-and-chips shops is planning a smashing bash on Saturday, April 13 to celebrate her first anniversary in the States. go brit! will host a party from 6 to 9 p.m., with plenty of giveaways, fun facts and favorite British music performed by Cathy Gorman, dubbed Sussex County's Sweetheart of Song. [...]

India’s influence savored in British comfort food

British cooking used to mean tasteless food. Yet this has never been accurate. Despite its soggy climate, Britain has long been an attractive destination for warriors, traders and immigrants alike – and all of them have brought their food traditions with them. British cuisine is the richer for it, whether it was the versatility of [...]

Back to the roots with chips

There's nothing quite like food in season. At this time of year, winter root vegetables are at their best. Full of carbohydrate to get us safely through to spring, they're comforting, versatile and filling. Best of all has to be the humble yet versatile potato, especially when it's chipped fresh, fried to a crispy golden [...]

Do as the Brits, add some fish and chips to your holiday menu

Around the world these winter holidays, fish-and-chip aficionados are challenging the traditional view of festive feasts – and you can as well. The holidays are a time to indulge, and fish and chips offer a lighter antidote to all that roast turkey and ham. Call go fish! to cater your special event at your home [...]

Some call it news and chips

If you'd ordered fish and chips in Britain 50 years ago, you'd get something much different to what you'd receive today. For just a sixpence, you'd be given a full fish and chip meal, wrapped in old newspaper. Newspaper was a cheap and convenient wrapping, which insulated the food and absorbed grease. Fish and chips [...]

The Queen of Fish and Chips” and Prince Charles unite to save the chippies

Prince Charles is so worried about the future of fish and chips that he has launched a campaign to halt overfishing; and the owner of Delaware's beloved fish and chip shops couldn't be more supportive. In fact, Alison Blyth opted years ago to use sustainable Alaskan pollock instead of cod, a depleting source. The Prince [...]